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Organic Alfalfa - $8.53
Organic Alfalfa
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Traditional women's herb* Good source of minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll* Contains phytoestrogens, specifically the isoflavones - genistein and daidzein*
Organic American Ginseng - $26.95
Organic American Ginseng
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Valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its invigorating, adaptogenic and tonic properties* Promotes mental and physical endurance* Ginseng means "man root" in Chinese.
Organic Artichoke - $9.30
Organic Artichoke
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Your liver is like a Type A workhorse. It's always working to produce bile and rid the body of natural toxins. When things get clogged up, digestion may not work was well as it should.
Organic Ashwagandha - $19.38
Organic Ashwagandha
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Adaptogenic herb means it adapts to assist with different stress factors in a persons body.
Organic Astragalus - $13.18
Organic Astragalus
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Long-term immune support* This traditional Chinese herb has been used to support many of the body's natural defense systems for over 3,000 years. Astragalus offers deep support.
Organic Bilberry - $24.80
Organic Bilberry
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Give your eyes some love* Provides nutritional support for the blood vessels of the eyes* Helps maintain normal eye health*
Organic Black Cohosh - $13.18
Organic Black Cohosh
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Menopausal and perimenopausal support* A natural source of triterpene glycosides*
Organic Burdock - $9.30
Organic Burdock
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Traditional skin remedy* Traditional liver herb*
Organic Cascara Sagrada - $8.15
Organic Cascara Sagrada
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Just about everyone experiences occasional constipation. Rich in Antioxidants Liver Tonic / Digestive aid Laxative-removes constipation Anti-Aging properties Promotes healthy hair growth
Celery Seed Extract - $33.99
Celery Seed Extract
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Antioxidant Improves circulation Lowers blood pressure Lowers inflammation Protects the brain/Enhances brain energy production Arthritis pain reliever Reduces uric acid which causes gout
Organic Cayenne - $10.46
Organic Cayenne
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Give digestion a boost* Supplies carotenoids for antioxidant protection*
Organic Chaste Tree - $10.08
Organic Chaste Tree
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Monthly balance*
Organic Cinnamon (Ceylon) - $17.83
Organic Cinnamon (Ceylon)
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"True" Cinnamon is classified by the British Pharmacopeia as a bitter, and may be useful in the support of normal digestion*
Organic Cloves - $13.56
Organic Cloves
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Spicy antioxidant activity*
Organic Cordyceps - $19.38
Organic Cordyceps
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Endurance and stamina support* Cardiovascular, respiratory and immune support and as a general energizing tonic* Vitality support*
Organic Cranberry - $15.50
Organic Cranberry
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Healthy urinary tract support*
Organic Damiana - $10.85
Organic Damiana
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Put some life in your love* Traditional tonic herb*
Organic Dandelion - $10.85
Organic Dandelion
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Traditional herbal bitter Support for normal digestion*
Organic Echinacea - $12.79
Organic Echinacea
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Wake up your immune system* Immune support
Organic Echinacea Goldenseal - $16.67
Organic Echinacea Goldenseal
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Nutritional support for the immune system, lungs and sinuses*
Organic Holy Basil - $15.50
Organic Holy Basil
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Promotes a normal inflammation response* Antioxidant* Traditionally used for protection from effects of stress and aging.
Organic Inflamma Shield - $24.80
Organic Inflamma Shield
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Healthy joint support* Spices are nature's way of addressing inflammation. This wonderful combination of a clinically proven dose of organic Ginger, as well as Nettle, Turmeric and Green Tea,
Organic Kelp - $9.30
Organic Kelp
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Natural source of iodine This 3-month supply of Kelp is full of nutrients including iodine, which is greatly appreciated in trace amounts by your thyroid. In fact,
Lymphomax - $27.90
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Your Lymph system cleanses nearly every cell in your body. Reduce stagnation in blood & lymph Support respiratory –breathe more freely Reduce mucus accumulation
Organic Maca - $17.05
Organic Maca
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Increases energy and stamina* Balance Hormones
Organic Marshmallow Root - $10.46
Organic Marshmallow Root
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Soothes gastrointestinal tract* The ancient Greeks considered Marshmallow "the official healer" because of its soothing properties. Marshmallow root contains polysaccharides making it naturally sweet
Organic Milk Thistle - $23.25
Organic Milk Thistle
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An aid to healthy liver function* Liver support* Think of your liver as a Type A workhorse protecting your body from poisons and toxins. It never quits.
Organic Nettle - $17.05
Organic Nettle
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Support during allergen exposure* There IS hope for enjoying all that the seasons have to offer. Our Freeze-Dried Nettle helps support your body's normal histamine-producing response
Organic Nettle Quercetin  - $15.89
Organic Nettle Quercetin
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Support during allergen exposure* Your body's normal immune response to spring, summer, fall and even winter can often feel like a full frontal challenge.
Organic Olive Leaf - $12.79
Organic Olive Leaf
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Traditional European herb* Antioxidants are a super important part of your diet and are found in many of the foods we eat. They can help slow down and prevent oxidation which can lead to free radicals
Organic Oregon Grape - $11.24
Organic Oregon Grape
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Traditional winter tonic* Our organic Oregon Grape is sustainably harvested in the wild of the Northwest. It has the same delightfully supportive phytochemical compound,
Organic Passionflower - $12.40
Organic Passionflower
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Traditional relaxing herb* Helps support feelings of relaxation* The calming effects of Passionflower were discovered in Peru in the 16th Century. Though the Aztecs of Mexico were using it long before
Organic Prostate Health - $18.60
Organic Prostate Health
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Support for the prostate gland* This wonderful combination may be just what your prostate gland has been waiting for. Every man wants a healthy prostate
Organic Rhodiola - $17.83
Organic Rhodiola
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Promotes energy & resistance to stress*
Organic Saw Palmetto - $16.28
Organic Saw Palmetto
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Prostate support* The tiny berry of the Saw Palmetto is full of phytochemicals your prostate can appreciate. Be kind to yourself and get a prostate exam if you are over 50.*
Organic Saw Palmetto Pygeum - $18.21
Organic Saw Palmetto Pygeum
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Be kind to your prostate* Your prostate needs good nutrition just like the rest of your body. As you age, a little extra help can make urinating easier and less intrusive.
Organic Schisandra - $17.05
Organic Schisandra
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Here's to a stronger more invigorated you* Promotes balance from daily stress* Schisandra, known as the ultimate super berry, gets its name from the Chinese, Wu Wei Zi - meaning five-flavored berry.
Organic Sleep Better - $14.34
Organic Sleep Better
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Promotes healthy, restful sleep* When you sleep well, your entire body feels rejuvenated, even your immune system. Give your body and mind a time out and just chill.
Organic Slippery Elm - $11.24
Organic Slippery Elm
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Comfort the throat & soothe the tummy* Promotes healthy mucous membranes* Some plants are named in honor of their supporting abilities.
Organic Stress Guard - $20.93
Organic Stress Guard
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Promotes a healthy adrenal response* Naturally sourced Organic B-vitamins* A daily dose of stress can wear you down. Stress can affect your adrenal glands causing adrenal depletion.