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Tincture: A natural solution made by dissolving an herb in alcohol.


Extract: A preparation containing the active ingredient of a substance in concentrated form.


Glycerite: A fluid solution of an herb that uses glycerin as its method of extraction.

OWH® -- Organic Biodynamic Ashwaganda Extract - $18.75
OWH® -- Organic Biodynamic Ashwaganda Extract
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2 fl. oz., 24 Servings, GF Helps the body adapt to stress
OWH® -- Organic Bilberry Eyebright Extract - $14.45
OWH® -- Organic Bilberry Eyebright Extract
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1 fl. oz. containing 30 servings Eye support USDA Organic Non GMO Gluten Free
OWH® -- Organic Black Elderberry Elixir - $13.45
OWH® -- Organic Black Elderberry Elixir
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1 fl. oz., Gluten Free, Non-GMO Extract Pure, natural organic antioxidant and immune support
OWH® -- Organic Black Elderberry Honey Extract - $24.95
OWH® -- Organic Black Elderberry Honey Extract
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4oz., 1,400 mg+/5mL - GF Non-GMO Alcohol-Free Immune system support*
OWH® -- Organic Black Walnut Extract - $11.65
OWH® -- Organic Black Walnut Extract
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1 fl. oz. Gluten Free, Non-GMO Extract - Considered an anti-parasitic herb
Nature's Answer® -- Black Walnut & Wormwood Extract - $16.86
Nature's Answer® -- Black Walnut & Wormwood Extract
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2,000 mg per serving/2 mL, Gluten Free - Promotes overall health and wellbeing, Alcohol Free
Dr. Christopher's® -- Blood Circulation Formula - $19.59
Dr. Christopher's® -- Blood Circulation Formula
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2 fl. oz. A synergistic blend of herbs to support the circulatory system.
Eclectic Institute® -- Bloodroot - $23.76
Eclectic Institute® -- Bloodroot
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250 mg/ml herb equivalency •Made with certified organic hypoallergenic grain-free alcohol •100% pure. No artificial colors, flavors, sugar, excipients, fillers, stearates, or binders.
Nature's Answer® -- Blueberry Extract - $25.86
Nature's Answer® -- Blueberry Extract
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5,000 mg Fresh Blueberries per serving - Promotes overall health and wellbeing
OWH® -- Organic True Cinnamon Extract - $12.55
OWH® -- Organic True Cinnamon Extract
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"True" Cinnamon
Namaste - $22.45
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Soothe the nerves
Willow - $12.95
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Natural form of Salicylic acid