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Celebration Herbals Organic Marshmallow Leaf and Root Tea Caffeine Free - $10.16

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1.41 oz
Absolutely Organic
Herbal Tea

Marshmallow’s genus "Althaea" is derived from the Greek word atho, meaning "to cure." This herb has been used for centuries. It was advocated by Hippocrates for its virtues, and it has long been used as a food in times of famine.

Native to Europe, Marshmallow grows in wet soils. Its leaves are harvested in August and are good in salads, and the roots are harvested in the autumn.

This light green tea has a very agreeable, mellow taste leaving you in a state of contentment.

Better herbs make Better Tea

No flavorings, preservatives or sweeteners of any kind.

Directions for Great Tea:

To get the most medicinal benefit, use this method of brewing. It's known as the infusion method.

Good water is an essential part of brewing good tea. We recommend using spring or filtered water.
Pour boiling water over the desired amount of herbs. Cover and let steep 10 to 20 minutes.
When the tea has steeped long enough, strain off the herbs using a tea strainer or coffee filter.
Relax while you enjoy your tea. Some of the most enjoyable aspects of tea are the calmness and ritual that surround in.
Free Of
Flavorings, preservatives, sweeteners and caffeine.

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