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Whole World Botanicals® -- RCP Kidney-Bladder Support - $38.63

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400 mg, 120 Chanca Piedra Extract Capsules, GF -
Supports a Healthy LDL Cholesterol level

Your kidneys (you have two) filter your blood, cleaning it, then sending good stuff like protein where it needs to go and producing yucky stuff like urine for you to get rid of. If they can't do their job, your blood holds on to the metabolic waste you were supposed to pee out. Scary. Scarier still: If your kidneys have trouble functioning, you probably won't have symptoms. Most people don't. Sure it's possible for your kidneys to fail suddenly due to an infection or a urinary problem. But usually poor habits lead to weakened kidneys, and then to kidney disease, which can be so intense it harms other parts of the body, especially the cardiovascular system. That means someone could die before even getting a chance to change their lifestyle in an effort to fix their kidneys (or go on dialysis or get a donor kidney). Two bad conditions, in particular, tax your kidneys: diabetes and high blood pressure.

Scientific studies support the use of this herb for kidney, bladder and liver-gall bladder health.

Supports a Healthy LDL Cholesterol Level
Phyllanthus Spp. (Chanca piedra)
Gluten Free

Directions: Take on empty stomach.
Immediate/Urgent Use: 2 capsules 2-5 times daily with glass of water.
Long-Term/ Maintenence Use: 1 capsule 1-3 times daily.

Free Of: Gluten, SLS, pesticides or chemicals.

Warnings: Consult your physician if pregnant or nursing.

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