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Nature's Sunshine® -- HistaBlock - $26.21

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90 Capsules -
Supports the Respiratory System
Supports Healthy Airways
Supports Mucous Mempranes

HistaBlock® [Respiratory] supports the body in times of respiratory stress. A powerful combination of stinging nettle, quercetin, bromelain and immature orange peel (which contains synephrine), HistaBlock provides nutritional support for the respiratory system. This formula provides antioxidants and supports the body’s efforts to maintain mucous membrane health and nasal passage tissues.

-Provides nutrients that support the respiratory system in its battle
against allergens, pollutants and toxins.
-Provides antioxidant strength to help stabilize mast cells.
-Supports the body’s efforts to control inflammation and swelling of
mucous membranes.

Recommended Usage: Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily.

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