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Himalaya® -- Boswellia Herbal Supplement - $18.51

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250 mg, 60 VCapsules, GF -
Joint Flexibilty & Range of Motion
Supports Normal Joint Fluid Function

The ancient texts of Ayurvedic spoke of the Indian Frankincense tree (also known as the Boswellia tree) as one that could promote flexibility, support muscle relaxation and aid joint integrity to promote range of motion.

The active ingredient, a crystalized resin, is produced from the expressed bark of the tree. It is sustainably harvested only once a year to keep from harming the tree which can otherwise live for many years, syrviving drought and inclement weather.

Free of Wheat, Soy, Dairy
Cruelty Free

Directions: Recommended Use: Adults take 2 capsules twice daily with food.

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