Ingredient Glossary (Page 2)
Product Ingredient & Reference List in Alphabetical Order (N - Z)

KISST Organics provides complete disclosure on all of the ingredients right on the label of the product and on each product listed on our website too.  We do this so that you know what you are putting on your skin is healthy for you and your family!


Neem Oil (Azadirachta Indica). Used as an antibacterial, antiviral. anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-parasitic agent . It is used to treat skin disorders such as eczema & psoriasis.
Olive (Olea Europaea Leaf & Essential Oil). An organic antioxidant said to improve skin health by healing, and providing nourishment. Said to provide Anti-aging benefits. Olive leaf harbors antioxidant properties that help protect the body from the continuous activity of free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive chemical substances that, when oxidized, can cause cellular damage if left unchecked. High in Vitamin E & Vitamin K.
Orange (OrganicCitrus Auranium Dulcis Extract).  Most commonly used to reduce sunburn, blemishes, and dark spots or age spots.  Orange has many anti-aging ingredients, the most important being its rich source of vitamin E to prevent fine lines and wrinkles
Oregano (Originum Vulgare Essential Oil). Excellent antiseptic, antibacterial, acne treatment.
Palm Christi (Ricinus Communis Oil), aka Castor Oil.  Used both internally and externally to strengthen the immune system.  Helps in the healing of skin infections and other skin problems such as sunburn, abrasions, acne, dry skin, boils, warts, stretch marks, liver/age spots, athletes foot and chronic itching and inflamed skin.
Palm Stearic Acid. A waxy solid derived from the fatty acid of plants.
Peppermint (Organic Mentha piperita Extract).  As with most essential oils, peppermint oil is used in aromatherapy and adds many health benefits in it's application.  Helpful in alleviating problems with acne prone skin, peppermint also rejuvenates and stimulates circulation for younger looking skin.
Potassium Sorbate. The potassium salt of sorbic acid. Its primary use is as preservative to inhibit the development of microorganisms for shelf stability. Potassium sorbate is derived from many sources including fruit, potatoes, hydrolyzed wheat protein.
Rooibos Tea (Aspalathus Lineari Extract). Recommended for a wide range of ailments including skin problems such as eczema, diaper rash and acne.  Applied topically it has a soothing effect on the skin. Rich in calcium and fluoride. The most important aspects of Rooibos are its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It also attacks free radicals, limiting the damaging effects on your skin.

Rose (Rosa Damascene Distillate).   Herbal distillates are water solutions or colloidal suspensions (hydrosol) of essential oils usually obtained by steam distillation from aromatic plants. Herbal distillates go by many other names including floral water, hydrosol, hydrolate, herbal water and essential water.

Rosehip (Rosa Mosqueta Oil).  Rejuvenates skin, helps to reduce the appearance elf dark spots, improves dry skin.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis Oleoresin & Essential Oil). Rosemary is extremely high in iron, calcium, and Vitamin B6. Rosemary has a very old reputation for improving memory.
Shea Butter (Organic Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit) (aka Shea nut or Vitellaria Paradoxa, B. Paradoxa). Plant fat of the nuts of the African Karite tree (ambuk butter), contains allantoin, vitamin A & E. Potent moisturizer & emollient, provides ultimate skin care protection from free radicals thereby also reducing the signs of aging. It is said to provide limited protection from UV radiation.  
Sorbic Acid (2,4-hexadienoic Acid).  Natural organic compound (Natural compounds refer to those that are produced by plants or animals) used as a food preservative. antimicrobial agents used as a preservative to prevent the growth of mold, yeast and fungi.
Spearmint (Mentha Spicata Essential Oil).  Used in aromatherapy, spearmint oil is also very good for relieving skin irritations such as dermatitis.

Sugar Cane (Organic Saccharum Officinarum Extract).  Sugar is a popular ingredient in skin care products today because it acts as a natural exfoliator, does not clog pores, helps eliminate blemishes, restores balance to skin’s oils

Sugar Maple (Organic Acer Saccharinum Extract).  Natural alpha hydroxy acid used in skin care to minimize and repair cell damage caused by free radicals.
Titanium Dioxide (Natural Mineral).  Natural white pigment, sunscreen and thickening agent.
Vegetable Glycerin. A soothing, humectant which draws moisture from the air to the skin. Glycerin is an emollient, which makes the skin feel softer and smoother, reducing rough feeling, cracking and irritation.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). Potent anti-oxidant (protects skin from oxidative damages e.g. by sun rays), anti-aging effects.  Improves skin elasticity by enhanced collagen production.  Helps avoid hyper-pigmentation including age spots. Also is known for its anti-inflammatory & soothing effects.
Vitamin E (Tochopherol T50). Natural antioxidant product used to delay the onset of rancidity in fats and oils and extend shelf life. Antioxidants help protect against the damaging effects of free radicals.
Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana).  Exceptional herbal astringent. Promotes circulation. Provides targeted herbal support for healthy veins.

Zinc Oxide (Natural Mineral Sun Protection).  Helps prevent inflammation and scarring associated with acne, protects skin from harmful UV rays.



This list may not be all inclusive of the ingredients listed in our skincare and cosmetic line.  If you notice an ingredient that is missing, please notify us through our "contact us" page.  Thank you!