Are there benefits to using a facial mask?  Is there a specific mask that should be used?  Are there different masks for different skin types?

Yes, there are benefits.  Yes, a specific mask should be used.  Yes there are different masks for different skin types.

There are so many benefits that can be obtained from using a facial mask that I am sure I cannot mention them all here.  Most facial masks have the premise of drawing impurities out of the skin but they do a whole lot more too.  Masks help to exfoliate dead skin cells, open pores and stimulate blood circulation.  These benefits leave your skin looking and feeling firmer, smoother, softer, younger looking and more radiant. 

By using a  mask, the performance of your other skin care products is greatly increased allowing them to work more effectively.   When your pores are open and the impurities have been removed, your cleanser will penetrate deeper for a deeper cleanse, moisturizer will also penetrate to provide maximum moisturizing properties, etc. 

Yes , a specific mask should be used. Yes there are different masks for different skin types.

First of all choose a mask that is all natural with other ingredients being organic if possible.  Natural and organic is the best choice to prevent breakouts or further damage to the skin and organs due to chemicals and toxins.  Caution:  Be aware of the ingredients on the label.  Read them, familiarize yourself with what they are.  If you are unsure, please ask or consult  for more information. 

This website allows you to look up ingredients and provides

detailed information and a toxicity scale.

There are numerous masks on the market that target different needs.  It makes it hard to choose.  At KISST Organics, we chose to formulate a mask suitable for all skin types.  Our Cooling Cucumber/Mint Mud Mask will not over dry/over process your skin when used according to the directions 1 to 2 times each week.  It is recommended that you apply your mask to clean skin.  Cleanse your skin and apply mask allowing it to dry.  Once the mask is dry, remove by using a warm facial cloth. Generally in a warm shower is the easiest and least messy method for removal.  Once the mask is completely removed, tone and moisturize per your normal skin care routine. 

Avoid using your mask to frequently.  Using a mask more than is suggested can deplete your skin of its natural oils which might cause your skin  to overcompensate by creating too much oil.   Production of more oil may result in more breakouts and more skin problems.

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