Fasting is a form of cleansing and can be used for cleansing either the mind, body or spirit or all three. When you are making the decision to go on a fast there are many things to keep in mind.#1 Be in prayer.  Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and be sure you are in His will.
#2 Be decisive.  Know from the Guidance of the Holy Spirit how long you expect your fast to last.
This can change as you get into your fast depending on circumstance surrounding you as well as health factors.
#3 A fast is a pretty monumental task and not one that many people do for any extended period of time.  It is wise as you are in prayer and contemplation to also journal.  Write down your reason(s) for fasting, what you hope to achieve, how long you expect your fast to last etc.
#4 Keep your journal through the entire fasting process.  This will allow to reflect back later to see how you were feeling at any particular point.  It will also give you a glimpse of what emotions may have been stirred and what physical gains and losses you felt at the time.
#5 Always be in prayer and in the Bible while you are fasting.  The Lord is the one who answers prayers and questions.  He does this through the Holy Spirit but He cannot speak to you or to your spirit if you are not quieting yourself to hear and receive from him.
Why Should you Fast?  Fasting is a good idea any time you need answers or if...
#1 You are sick or facing surgery.
#2 You have a large task to tackle and you are not certain how to accomplish it.
#3 When you feel like you or your loved family or friends is in danger.
#4 When you are not certain what direction or path you should take.
#5 When you have a heavy heart about anything and need to pray.
#6 When you feel like you have sinned and you need to get your heart right with God.
#7 When you feel restless and you are not sure why.
#8 When you have a big decision to make.
#9 When your body, emotions or spirit feel out of sort.  A good example is depression.
#10 When you feel a need to forgive someone or if you need to ask for forgiveness.
#11 When you want to honor God.
These are just some of the reasons you may look to complete a fast.  They are not listed in any particular order but I will say #11 should probably be listed first!
There are many scriptures in the Bible associated with fasting.  Below are listed a few but certainly this list is not complete.  Consult with your minister or a good concordance for more information on fasting.  Also, check out our post "How to Break a Fast and the Importance of Breaking a Fast Properly."
Daniel 9:23               Exod 34:28
Luke 11:4                 Duet 9:9, 18
Mark 11:26              Acts 13:2-3
Act 14:23                 Acts 27:33
Luke 2:37                 Ps 69:10
Is 58:3

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