Healthy cells in your body are aerobic, meaning they need oxygen. Of all nutrients required by the human body, oxygen is second only to sunlight.
In 1931, Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for the connection he discovered between oxygen and cancer. His studies showed that the number one cause of cancer is a lack of oxygen in the cellular environment. Warburg determined that cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in an oxygen-depleted environment. Conversely, cancer cells cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.
Warburg also wrote about oxygen’s relationship to the pH of cancer cells and the body’s terrain. He said that cancer maintains a lower pH, as low as 6.0, due to lactic-acid production and elevated CO2. Warburg believed that higher pH (more alkaline) meant higher concentrations of oxygen, and vice versa.
What Warburg discovered for cancer is true for all degenerative disease. Oxygen and a healthy pH balance are the foundational keys to a healthy body. The following are four powerful ways to oxygenate and improve your body’s terrain.
1. Deep belly breathing—Shallow breathing (or chest breathing) causes a constriction of the chest and lung tissue over time, decreasing oxygen flow and delivery to your tissues. Deep, rhythmic belly breathing expands the diaphragm muscle, the cone-shaped muscle under your lungs, expanding the lung’s air pockets, invoking the relaxation response, and massaging the lymphatic system.
A simple breathing exercise anyone can do is to simply lie on the floor with a book on your stomach. Begin breathing by pushing the book up with your belly while breathing in through your nose. Fill the belly first with air, then the diaphragm and finally the chest. Reverse the process on exhaling.
2. Ionized drinking water—I cannot overemphasize the importance of drinking the right water. Like the earth, we are approximately 70-75 percent water. Without proper hydration, our cells, tissues, and organs literally shrivel and wither on the vine. We need to drink between 50 and 100 percent of our body weight in ounces each day! A gallon of water is 128 ounces. If your body weight is 128 pounds, it should be your goal to drink 128 ounces of water each day.
The question is, what type of water should we drink? Most tap water is loaded with chemicals and heavy metals. Bottled water is not much better, most of which is acidic and unhealthy. You can use Ph strips to test the acidity/alkalynity of your water.
I also do not recommend distilled water or reverse osmosis water. Both waters are devoid of living energy and minerals, which are critical to our body’s acid-alkaline balance.
Personally, we have good well water but if you need a good water filtration device for your home, I would suggest checking into a Kangen Water™ system. Go to for more info.
3. Alkaline diet—One of the best ways to increase the alkalinity of our bodies is to eat a vegetarian diet with a high concentration of raw foods.
One of the most alkalizing foods that everyone will want to incorporate in their diets is chlorophyll.  Natural chlorphyll is obtained by consuming dark leafy green vegetables. Remember: chlorophyll is the substance in plants that allows them to absorb light from the sun and convert that light into usable energy.
By eating a diet high in chlorophyll (dark, leafy green veggies and super greens), we drink in liquid oxygen. Super greens come in different formulas and may include spinach, kale, wheatgrass, alfalfa grass, barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, blue-green algae, and so forth. Many of these come in powdered form and can be mixed in water or juice.
One of the easiest ways to incorporate these into your diet is by making "green smoothies" or juices (simply a smoothie with the fiber removed).  Key "smoothie" into the search box of this blog for free recipes!
4. Exercise— Exercise floods the body with oxygen and rids it of waste via the lymphatic system. As blood is circulated through the body by the heart, exercise is what circulates the lymph. If the lymph doesn’t circulate, then the tissues become oxygen-depleted because they are clogged with metabolic waste.
Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. You might also consider jumping on a rebounder, or mini-trampoline. As you bounce, your cells get gently massaged and the lymph is completely flushed within a few minutes. Walking and rebounding are also gentle on your joints.
The key for your optimum health is simply to find some type of exercise that you enjoy and will practice daily!

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