In all smoothie recipes add water and blend ingredients together to desired consistency.  Don't be afraid to spice it up!  Some of my favorits are cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, tumeric & cayenne.  Remember large consumption of dark leafy greens is the goal!

I also will include a scoop of any natural green super food formula to enhance the nutritional value of my smoothies. 

Change it up Smoothie

1 small zucchini

1 kiwi

2 med carrots

1 small beet

2 cups salad greens

¾ cup blueberries

1 T alfalfa

Good-Green Smoothie

2 cups Spinach

4 Broccoli spears

2 bananas

8 to 10 strawberries

1 cup blueberries

Winter Delight Smoothie

1 med head broccoli

2 small bananas

1 cup fresh cranberries

½ cup carrots

1 small beet

1 T Chia seeds

Sweet Green Smoothie

1 pears

1 apple

1 banana

handful of raspberries (can use frozen if fresh is not available)

1 bunch of chard (5-6 leaves) stems removed

½ head of broccoli

pinch of cinnamon

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