Cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, osteoporosis plus many other degenerative diseases are caused by 'metabolic acidosis.' Is your body pH slightly alkaline? If not, this is a serious health condition - that needs to be addressed immediately.

Shocking 'sick care' statistics! The top 10 reasons for seeing a doctor include: skin disorders like acne; joint problems; back aches; cholesterol issues; upper respiratory conditions; depression; neurological disorders; hypertension; headaches and diabetes. Do you see a common thread to all these health problems?

A wake up call for conventional medicine - most health problems have a simple solution
Most health-related problems are directly connected to being too acidic.
The typical American diet involves too much animal protein, processed grains - in the form of bread and pasta plus lots of sugar and artificial ingredients. This toxic sludge places stress on the immune system and kidney function. Eventually, as the body becomes more and more acidic, we experience disease and even premature death.

It's such a shame - when you think about it - how easy it would be for doctors to tell people the real cause of their dis-ease. Simply put, eating too many acid forming foods will lower the pH of your bodily fluids and cause a host of serious health problems like de-mineralization of the bones. But I guess that advice would piss off the pharmaceutical industry which profits greatly from the ignorance of the general public - and medical profession.

Does your family physician talk about the value of 'pH balancing' and emotional wellbeing?
Ideally, the pH of our blood should be around 7.35 - 7.45 or slightly alkaline. This balance is so delicate - believe it or not - when the pH drops below 7.0, you could slip into a coma and die. If your pH is too high, you could experience a life-threatening seizure. Along with a poor diet, previously mentioned, emotional stress and toxicity issues (i.e. heavy metal poisoning) can cause pH imbalances which decrease cellular energy and increase the risk of disease.

But, when it comes to the 'right' diet, it can be a bit confusing for the general public. For example, citrus fruits - which are acidic by nature - actually have an 'alkalizing effect' on the body. In fact, many 'acidic' vegetable juices - like, carrot/apple juice - are quite alkalizing in its effect. Conversely, most animal meats are alkaline - before consumption - yet cause lots of acidic residue in the digestive process. Interestingly, when it comes to emotions and lifestyle habits, meditation, prayer, peaceful thoughts, kindness and love are alkalizing. And, quite the opposite effect, being overworked, angry, feeling fearful, jealous or 'stressed out' can make you too acidic.

If you're suffering with any chronic health problem - find a holistic healthcare practitioner with experience in balancing pH levels.

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