Organic Skin Care:  Your skin is your bodies largest organ and it absorbs
everything you put on it.  KISST Organics skincare and cosmetic products contain 100% natural and organic ingredients.  They are literally food for your face & body!



We apologize for the inconvenience but we have had to remove our phone number from these pages due to telemarketers.  Please use the contact form on the main drop down menu to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment for any of these services. We will get in touch with you to schedule and confirm a time.  Thank  you!

Holistic Health:  Your body is a whole (mind, body & spirit).  Health comes when all three are in balance.  I help you achieve this through all of the following
services.  Everything is done with your good health in mind!
Iridology (Reading eyes):  Not only are your eyes the window to your soul, they gives indications of health concerns both past and current.
Kinesiology also known as muscle testing, Your body is electrically charged!  You have internal energy which allows us to evaluate your bodies imbalances or energy blockages.
Reflexology Techniques:  Pressure points or “reflex" areas that correspond to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body.  Applying pressure to these areas promotes health in the corresponding organs through energetic pathways helping to release toxins, stress and even pain.
Ionic Foot Detox:  Detox foot baths rejuvenate your body and relax your mind.  Ionic Foot Detox Sessions help to break down toxins, heavy metals and other
unnatural elements in your body.  Many of these toxins are removed through the 2000+  pores on the bottom of your feet.  The toxins seen in the foot spa water are estimated to be only about 10% of the Detox that actually takes place inside your body.
Biofeedback:  Take the guess work out of buying nutritional supplements!  Our biofeedback machine measures electrical fluctuations of your body with
exceptional accuracy and delivers a report that you can take home.
Herbal Therapies:  Nutrition is key to healing.  Your body will heal itself when given the right tools.  Herbs are food.  We carry Raw/Organic whole food vitamins and supplements!
Aromatherapy:  The use of natural plant based oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being, rejuvenating mind, body and spirit.  Useful for natural healing. We carry Therapeutic grade essential oils!
Organic/RAW Food Products:  Live foods, where the enzymes have not been destroyed by cooking/pasteurization.  Everything is organic and most are raw.
They are delicious and much more nutritious for your body! 

KISST Organics has local - Pure, RAW Honey


Cheers to your good health!



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