Here are some tips, but remember blemishes can be caused by many things. Generally spots all over your face are good indicators that it's product(s) you are using or something you are consuming that is causing the problem. It may be considered an allergic reaction.
1. Analyze the products that you are using. Consider switching to organic. Chemicals and synthetic ingredients can cause a lot of adverse reactions.
2. Consider what brands you are using. Many times people mix various brands of cleansers, moisturizers and cosmetics without realizing that they are literally creating a laboratory on their face. Mixing products is never a good idea. Find a brand preferably one without chemicals, that you like and stick with it. 
3. Hormones can also cause a variety of problems. Consult your health care professional or a holistic health practitioner for individualized help.
4. Wash your face twice a day, every day. Use a cleanser specifically designed for cleansing your face that is non drying, and antibacterial.
5. Toners and astringents are designed to reduce the size of your pores.
They also remove any dirt or makeup you may have missed while cleansing. Choose one that is alcohol free to avoid over processing your skin.
6. A gentle exfoliation process one to two times per week along with a mud mask will also help reduce inflammation and breakouts.
7. Probably the most important...drink Lots of water. Let me repeat that...drink LOTS of water. Water helps to keep the Ph balance correct as it cleanses and purifies to remove toxins from your body and it keeps you hydrated. Avoid soda pop and other drinks with sugar. Many people don't believe this really makes a difference. Bottom line, test it for yourself! Go 1 month without sugary beverages of any kind. Drink the water to cleanse your system. Pay attention to how you feel! You may find that you have more energy and that your reflection in the mirror is much more smooth, clean and less stressed! Now if you want to go further, after one month of cleansing and drinking water, go ahead and have two or three sugary beverages a day, do it for a week. Pay attention to how you feel! Take a close look at your reflection in the mirror. Let me know what you see! I will be anxious to hear!
8. Diet & exercise, diet & exercise, diet & exercise. Am I sounding like a scratched disk? Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and veges to nourish and cleanse! Exercise, the dirty little word that actually means it's moving the dirt (toxins) out of your body. Our bodies were design to move so GET MOVING!!
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