Minimizing pores is easy with all natural and organic products that actually feed your skin.
First, use organic products. That's always my first rule of thumb!

I would recommend cleansing your skin on a regular basis. Every morning and nightwith a Gentle Cleanser.


Facial Scrubs are designed to open pores and gently exfoliate, sluffing away the upper layers of your skin which hold in the dirt and debris causing pores to enlarge and get clogged.

A Mud Mask is also very beneficial.  Mud masks draw the "yuck" out of your skin actually reducing the size of your pores and removing blackheads in the very first application.

If your skin is sensitive or acne prone, only use the facial scrub and the mud mask once or twice each week.  Excessive scrubbing can lead to more blemishes. 

Whether you are simply cleansing your skin or doing a mini spa treatment with cleanser, scrub, mask etc... always follow every cleansing session with a good toner and moisturizer.


Toner should help bring the natural Ph balance back to your skin, provide additional moitsure retention, plus it helps remove calcium & lime deposits from hard water that are left on your skin after washing and which will cause dryness.  Avoid alcohol based toners as these will over process your skin causing your skin to produces more oil and making your problem worse in the long run.

Choose a lightweight age fighting moisturizer that won't clog your pores.

Start slow using a scrub and mask only once per week to see how your skin reacts.  Keep in mind that if you are changing any of your skin care products it can take up to 8 weeks for your skin to fully adjust and balance out.  Be patient, beautiful skin is just around the corner!


Veronica Phelps

KISST Organics


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