Your thyroid helps to regulate all of the hormones in your body.  It also helps to regulate normal body temperature, mood, mineral balance, proper digestion and lends support to all body systems.

The following are all some of the major signs & symptoms associated with an under active thyroid. Some symptoms are more significant than others. If you have 3 or more of the following symptoms, you may need assistance in nourishing your thyroid.  Nourishing your thyroid is not the same as taking prescription thyroid medications.  Prescription thyroid meds tend to also come with a variety of side effects.  The Side effect for nourishing your thyroid is overall better health!


*Weight gain -Difficulty losing weight

*Low energy – fatigue

*Cold natured - Ice-cold hands or feet.  Low body temperature (below 98.6 degrees)

*Dry skin - skin may be so dry that it itches or flakes

*Hair loss (alopecia)

*Slowed thinking, poor concentration, brain fog, memory problems

*Insomnia, poor sleep,waking up exhausted

*Tingling in hands and feet

*Muscle pain

*Edema (swelling in ankles)


*Slow heart rate, low blood pressure

*Elevated cholesterol

*Thickened tongue


*Thinned eyebrows

*Muscle cramps at night

*Slow reflexes 

*Recurrent headaches

*Decreased sweating

*Multiple miscarriages and infertility

*Pale, puffy, pasty skin

*Vertigo (dizziness)

*Hoarse voice

*Fibrocystic breasts

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