This is a short film about toxic chemicals in cosmetics. 


The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

Everything we do is with your health in mind!  KISST Organics products are made with herbs, oils, spices, grains, flowers and minerals.  You can find a full list of our ingredients on each package as well as on our web site.

They do not contain harmful chemicals of any kind, they do not contain parabens or petroleum, they do not contain artificial fragrances or synthetic preservatives all of which can cause long term health defects.  KISST products are also animal friendly, they do not contain any animal derived ingredients and they are not tested on animals.

We are proud to be a company that is making a difference in the cosmetic industry with products that are truly clean and truly "green".  Even our packaging is "green".  All of our bottles are 100% recyclable.

Go to this cosmetic database to check the ingredients in your personal care products to see whether they are safe for you to put on your skin.

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