Gastrointestinal (GI) complaints are some of the most common reasons for people to go to a doctor.

Good digestion means you are assimilating your foods properly.  In other words you are getting the most nutrition from what you eat and your body is absorbing that nutrition.

People don't like to talk about bowel movements(BM).  Sssshhhh, It's Ok!  We all have them and if things are working the way they are supposed to you are happy to be done with it.  If things are not moving quite right, we tend to get pretty miserable, moody and we might even bite at those closest to us.

Generally speaking most people get by on one BM a day and while that is better than not going at all, it is still not what your body should be doing if you eat the standard 3-meal per day diet.  Ideally, a person will have a complete BM first thing in the morning and then again after lunch and then again after dinner.  Sounds like a lot of ...BM's huh? Oh but wait, I am just getting started.  If you put your index finger and your thumb together to form a circle, this is the diameter or the size around of a good BM.  Hang with me....each BM should be between 12 and 36 inches l o n g (these numbers are approximate depending on the volume of food you eat).  NOW you are talking a lot of ....BM's! 

Eating is a necessary routine for survival.  We also eat for socialization and more and more people are eating for comfort.  Eat when you are hungry.  The thought is, "eat to live instead of living to eat." 

When you eat your stomach should not expand to the point where you feel uncomfortable.  Bloating, pressure and gas should also be a rare if non-existent occurrence.

If you are having difficulty with pressure, gas, bloating or fewer than 2 bowel movements each day, you might consider a couple of helpful tips. 

1.  Water.  Your internal body is should be similar inside to a pristine sea.  Water becomes stagnant and dead just like anything else when it is not rejuvenated.  Your body needs a fresh supply of water and it needs AMPLE.  Ample meaning a lot!  1/2 ounce for every pound of body weight is the minimum reccommended amount.  So if you weigh 200 lbs, you should consume 100 oz of water each day.  One gallon of water is 128 oz.

2.  Fiber.  We've all heard it before...Americans don't get enough solluble fiber in their diet.  It's True!

Psyllium hulls are one of the best solluble fiber supplements available.  It doesn't take a lot and they are not expensive.  Use them, everyday for the rest of your life in combination with water.  (warning:  if you take psyllium hulls and you are not consuming enough water, the problem can get worse.)  Psyllium hulls work similar to a chimney broom to sweep the walls of the intestines and the colon to to remove built up debris and to keep things clean and working properly.

3.  Green Smoothies.  There are recipes on this blog site.  They are listed under "Nutritious & Delicious" and "Smoothie Recipes".  Do a search.  We cannot consume the amount of green leafy vegetables that our bodies require for optimum health by having a salad with every meal and every snack.  It's virtually impossible.  Dark leafy green vegetables are the key and consuming them in quantity will help rid your body of disease.  The fruits are used to cover up te taste of the dark leafy greens, honestly but these green smoothies are the very best way I have found to help your body heal itself!

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Veronica Phelps

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