KISST Organics has two products that help fight acne and keep it from coming back!  The first is our Gentle cleanser, though it is oil based, these are oils that nourish your skin.  When your skin receives good oils it quits producing the bad oils and your skin becomes balanced.  Second, our Freshening Toner is antibacterial and actually kills the acne bacteria and aids in keeping it from coming back.  The two together will make a remarkable difference on your skin.  Keep in mind that when you change your skin care routine, it can take 6 to 8 weeks to really see the results.

Acne is also HUGELY associated with diet.  A diet high in sugar throws off the Ph balance of your intestinal tract and can also lead to break outs on the skin as your liver tries to detoxify your body.  Soft drinks are a major culprit in many cases of severe acne. The reason, most soft drinks have an average of 16 teaspoons of sugar per bottle. Sugar free is even worse and more addictive too. Aspartame, is generally the substitute of choice in the sugar free varieties and actually is harder on our systems than the sugar.  Other dietary factors come into play as well;  breads, potatoes and pasta for example turn into sugar quickly while

mal-absorption and protein imbalances can create hormonal issues which may also lead to acne.


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