There are many factors that may contribute to normal day to day mood swings but if you or someone you know struggles in this area or battles depression on a pretty constant basis, it may be helpful to consider the diet they are eating.  Diet often contributes to hormonal inbalances and is believed to be a major contributor to emotional balance.  

Environmental toxins are found in the foods we eat as food additives, agricultural chemicals and heavy metals which effect our central nervous systems resulting in mood swings.  Not providing proper nutrition to your mitachondira (inner portion of the cells in our bodies) causes a breakdown of cell structure and robbing of nutrients form other tissue, organs and bone which in turn also leads to emotional distress.

To address symptoms of poor mood, anxiet or panic attacks, try adjusting your diet and daily food intake.  Consuming large amounts of fruits, vegetables, berries and especially dark leafy green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, spinach, spirulina, collard greens or any other dark leafy greens has been proven to improve over all health and also improves your outlook, mental clarity and feelings of well being. 


Reducing or removing sugar and caffeine intake is also very beneficial as is daily exercise. Well we have all heard this one!  It not only gets our blood pumping but you guessed it, mood enhancing too.

Overall much of our food is deficient in vitamins and minerals.  Dark leafy green vegetables contain more than selenium and seratonin for boosting brain function too.  Other herbs can assist in elevating ones mood and may also have calming properties.  See your Holistic Health Practitioner for more information.


Veronica Phelps

KISST Organics


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