Sometimes a girl just wants to cry.

Things (life) doesn't go as expected or as planned. It's difficult in times like these to see the beauty, to find the joy.

You know it's there but deep within you just struggle. It's not really depression or fear.

It's a restlessness and frustration that you know you can make things better but you just don't know how to to do it.

It seems that around every corner there is something blocking the way.

Hold your head up, keep your focus on the Lord, just keep moving forward one step at a time.

And cry! Crying cleanses the soul and sometimes it helps you refocus.

It's going to be okay!



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Veronica Phelps says... (Reply)
"So to all the women, young women, girls out there who are struggling today, I applaud you! You are fabulous! You are fully capable of changing your situation. You have a hope and a future in Jesus Christ! You are AMAZING! If you need encouragement, REACH OUT! Your sisters are here for you because we have ALL been there a time or two or twenty!! God Bless You!" (10/8/14)
Veronica Phelps says... (Reply)
"Just got off the phone with my mom and we were talking about this post. Ended the call with a memory from several years ago. I was feeling frustrated, upset , angry or whatever emotion might have been attached to a long forgotten situation. I went up into the mountains. I went out for a long walk and while I was off by myself, I let out one of those gut wrenching, scare the daylights out of someone, wake the dead kind of screams! I wasn't alone! I scared some people half to death but boy I sure felt better! It's funny now but they sure thought I had lost more than a simple little scream!" (10/8/14)