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You are our priority!

Our goal is to make products that above all else are good for you and safe for you! Your safety is addressed with the ingredients in every bottle as well as the fact that each item is individually sealed and/or shrink wrapped for your protection!

Due to the fact that our products are natural/organic and we avoid using synthetic preservatives, the shelf life is much shorter than what you will normally find in skin care products. We encourage you to check the expiration date and use items within 6 months from the date of purchase.  Use your products within three months of opening to receive the best nutritional support from the ingredients and to prevent bacterial accumulation.

This is another reason we offer the travel sizes so that you can test your product before buying the full size. If you ever have questions, please contact us at

Please note, though we do offer the travel size items, they are generally not enough for your skin to adjust.  Your skin can take up to 90 days to adjust to any skincare product changes.