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Organic Alfalfa Powder - $24.00
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Known as "The Father Of All Foods", alfalfa contains almost all the known vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for premium health.
KISST Organics alfalfa is hand cut, and sun dried for premium grade and more dense nutritional support.
1Lb Nt Wt.

Alfalfa can be used nutritionally for many things including
•Blood cleanser/detoxifier
•Reduces cholesterol
•Lowers blood pressure
•Reduces blood sugar levels thereby helping diabetes
•Helping alleviate allergies
•Aids in blood clotting
•Promotes healthy digestion
•Is helpful in reversing tooth decay and remineralizing teeth
•Excellent source of Vitamin K & Chlorophyl
•Supports the pituitary gland
•Supportive during pregnancy & nursing
•Helps ease morning sickness
•Helps ease gout
•Aids with all forms of arthritis

Generally considered safe for children, adults and pregnant/nursing mothers.

Do not to use in combination with blood thinning agents or medications known to thin the blood as it is so effective it can amplify the effects of these medications.

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