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Easy-To-Read OVERSIZED Magnetic Timer - $15.00
Easy-To-Read OVERSIZED Magnetic Timer
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•Oversized Timer •Easy-to-Read, Extra-Large Numbers and Size •60-Minute Timer •Magnetic - clings to any metal surface - or hangable for wall mounting •Perfect for cooking, timed activities, and classrooms
Electric Bug Zapper - $10.00
Electric Bug Zapper
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We've seen these fun bug zappers in other catalogs for about twice the price.
Stork Design scissors - $10.00
Stork Design scissors
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Color: Silver Length : 4.5 in. Pointed Tips
Quart Size Cotton Muslin Bag - $3.00
Quart Size Cotton Muslin Bag
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Blending your fruits and vegetables in a blender then strainining off the fiber is one of the fastest methods for juicing and it allows you to get the nutition in your body very quickly!